Message from Wesley Mimico redevelopment project (Nov. 16, 2013)

The following message is from Wesley Mimico Place:

Heritage Designation of Wesley Mimico United Church passes City Council, and Planning Negotiations Proceed

On November 13, 2013, Toronto City Council approved the heritage designation of Wesley Mimico United Church.  This approvalconfirmed the decision of Etobicoke York Community Council last month. Now the church and the City Planning department have clarity on heritage attributes as they discuss planning approvals for the renewal proposal.

The church and its consultants continue to meet with City planners.  At the most recent meeting, November 5, the Planning staff put two new procedural processes on the table: an Official Plan Amendment and a ‘Community Working Group’.

The Official Planning Amendment will enable the city to have more flexibility in making recommendations based on merits of the church’s proposal while considering the response of the community.  This leads to the other step the Planners proposed.

The Planners want a “Community Working Group” to foster understanding and possible agreement between Wesley and those people who have problems with the renewal proposal. This will involve three sessions, chaired by the City’s Planner, with Wesley’s project leadership team and objecting residents of the community.  The Planner is working with the Councillor Grimes office to identify the community residents who will be at this table.  Although there is a strong voice of support in the community at the September 12 public meeting, there is still a small but strong vocal opposition.  On September 12, Councillor Grimes asked the community to resolve its differences, and he repeated this concern at the EYCC meeting October 17. This Community Working Group is an opportunity to do just that.  For the key issues raised by some residents, be sure to readthe WMP web page Objection and Response.

Wesley is committed to working with the Planning Department and the community to build bridges of understanding and mutual support for the renewal.  Wesley has strongly urged the Planners to have the ‘Community Working Group’ process completed by the end of this year, and we are waiting for their response.

Come out to Discuss the Progress of our Proposal

F&H is hosting a festive time after the 11:30 Crèche dedication on Sunday Dec. 1, (following the 10:30 a.m. worship service)  This festive time will be an excellent opportunity for you to discuss the church’s renewal proposal, its status and the issues ahead. Put the date in your calendar and come to Wesley Mimico United Church.  The Faith & Hope Team will be on hand to share their work and what’s happening with the City’s planning process. The Crèche (Nativity Scene) is a key feature of Wesley’s presence in the community.

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