Biography of David Hornell of Mimico

Colleen O’Marra writes:

Just reading a fascinating biography of Mimico-born David Hornell.
That name might not be familiar to our community or Toronto for that
matter. Hornell joined the RCAF, flew over 60 missions and became the
first RCAF recipient of the Victoria Cross in 1944. The medal was
awarded posthumously to his widow. Hornell had to ditch his plane upon
sinking a U-boat. Sharing a single life raft with eight other
survivors, Hornell suffered and died of hypothermia taking his turn in
the freezing waters to let other men sit in the raft. Lieutenant
Hornell worked, I believe, at the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in
New Toronto signing up for duty in the early years of World War
Two.(as did thousands of other young men from small towns including my
father who also worked at the Goodyear) Another Mimico resident, a
chauffeur by trade, offered his old boss a room in his home(in
Mimico)when the man went broke.Sir Henry Pellatt had no offers of
simple shelter from his many city friends when he lost everything
following the financial drag of his beloved Casa Loma. Pellatt spent
his final years living with his humble employee and family.There are
as many heroic stories in the so-called ‘burbs as there are in the
city core and beyond.( C. O’Marra)


We have good reason to celebrate the enduring legacy of David Hornell.

Additional information about David Hornell can be found at the website.

David Hornell Junior School bears his name.

The Catalina Preservation Society website has a profile about him.

A City of Toronto Staff Report related to the proposal to designate Wesley Mimico United Church under the Ontario Heritage Act includes a reference to David Hornell’s connection to the church.

A front-page article from a 1956 Goodyear publication at the New Toronto Historical Society website also speaks of David Hornell.

Update: From @wesleymimico we have the following tweet:

  • Hornell an active member and Sunday School leader at Wesley Mimico hence the reason the community space is being named for him!


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