Weston’s mayoral chain of office goes missing – 46 years after it was last worn (Metro News, Dec. 26, 2013)

The opening paragraphs of the article read:

  • Though it hasn’t graced the chest of a chief magistrate in close to half a century, history buffs in Weston are aghast that their former town’s mayoral chain of office is missing.
  • The alarm was raised on Dec. 4, when staff at the neighbourhood’s library – historic in its own right and celebrating its centenary in 2014 – noticed the display case holding the chain had disappeared from its position on the wall.
  • Police have been called, employees questioned and storerooms searched, yet no trace of the chain has been discovered, according to Toronto Public Library spokesperson Anna-Maria Critchley.

[End of excerpt]


I have often hear the argument that local artifacts should stay in local facilities, and the opposing argument that local artifacts are best stored in more secure facilities such as the Toronto Archives.


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