Jan. 14, 2014 meeting – Etobicoke-South Cycling Committee

Following text is from the Etobicoke-South Cycling Committee

Meeting of the

Etobicoke-South Cycling Committee
A Partnership between Cycle Toronto and the Lakeshore Planning Council

DATE: Tuesday, January 14, 2014
TIME: 7 to 9 PM.

PLACE: LAMP, 185 Fifth St. on the Birmingham Bike Lane


1. Etobicoke Creek Trail. The TRCA and the Ministry of Transportation have been meeting about the trail. A discussion on what is happening.

2. Bikes Mean Business. Update on what has been happening.

3. Winter is here. Has the city been properly clearing the bike lanes in our ward? If not, what can we do about it.

4. Transit meeting, February 11, 2014. The head of the TTC and representatives for Metrolinx will be in attendance:

(a) The Long Branch GO Station has installed a bike rack at the north entrance. On top of that, there are city rings. They are so full that people tie their bikes to the fence.

(b) Mimico GO Station is about to spend $20,000,000 on parking at the station. How can we get bicycle parking at these two locations?

(c) There is bike parking at the Long Branch TTC loop. It is always full. How can we get bike parking at the Long Branch Loop?

5. Any other business.

Our meeting is open to anyone interested in issues in Wards 5 or 6 or with an interest in bicycling issues.


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