Next Malcolm Campbell High School Sixties Reunion planning meeting in Kitchener, Ontario, May 21, 2014

Peter Mearns, Lynn Legge, and Jaan Pill will meet at lunch on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 in Kitchener, Ontario for our next Sixties Reunion planning meeting.

Please let me know in the event you are a MCHS grad from the 1960s classes, who lives in the general area, and who’d like to join us for the meeting. We welcome the arrival of additional people to the planning process.

As Peter has said, the MCHS reunion has taken on a life of its own. We can add: We’re here to help it organize itself. It will be a good time.

First priority: Choose the date

Main agenda items, as discussed in a previous post, are:

The reunion will likely be in October 2015.

Before we proceed with setting a definitive date, however, we need to have a core group to help with the organizing of the event.

We owe thanks to Howard Hight (MCHS 1963) for suggesting that we get the date finalized, as a priority in the planning process.

Other tasks

1) Website – we have that.

2) One person who would be in charge of revenue; cost of the venue; cost of meals; tickets.

3) We need to figure out how we contact all of the potential attendees.

4) Cheryl Casino Houston (MCHS 1963) has reminded us that the setting up of an emailing list will be a priority task as the planning gets under way.


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