Re: Wesley Mimico United Church – Development Proposal. Comments invited.

Message from Michael Harrison:

Good Morning

The recommendations were adopted by the Toronto Preservation Board at their meeting of June 5, 2014.  They will now track with the planning staff report on the development application to the Etobicoke York Community Council meeting of June 17, 2014.  The planning staff report for the proposed development can be found here:

Planning staff are recommending approval of the proposed redevelopment of the building.


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We owe many thanks to Michael Harrison for keeping us informed regarding the redevelopment of the Wesley Mimico United Church.

I’ve been following the story with interest since February 2012. You can find previous posts about the redevelopment story here.

I urge you strongly to share your own perspective on the current proposal. The names and contact details for where to send your comments – and the deadline dates, which are coming up soon – are outlined here.

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