Etobicoke-South Cycling Committee meeting: Aug. 12, 2014 at 7:00 pm at “Among Friends,” 2970 Lake Shore Blvd. West

Following message is from Lakeshore Planning Council:

In partnership with the Lakeshore Planning Council and Cycle Toronto,

the Etobicoke-South Cycling Committee will be holding a meeting on:

DATE: August 12 from 7 to 9 PM.

LOCATION: “Among Friends”, 2970 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON M8V 1J7 (MAP)


1. Etobicoke Creek Trail. The TRCA and the Ministry of Transportation have been meeting about the trail. The new date for trail completion is late summer, early fall. A discussion on what is happening. Is there anything new?

2. Culture Days will be held on September 26, 27 and 28 (Fri, Sat, Sun) in New Toronto. We will be offering bike rides of the community as part of the celebrations. What routes should we take? Finish planning how the days will work.

3. We wish to begin a memorial in honour of Jim Carr. All proceeds will be used to purchase a bike rack for John English School in his name. Donations for $10, $20, and $40 can be made online at We have collected $325 and need around $775 for the bike rack and memorial plaque.

4. We will have a memorial ride to John English School in September 2014 to dedicate the new bike rack. Final planning details will be worked out.

5. There has been a serious bicycle accident at Parklawn and LSBW, where a cyclist tried to turn into the westbound bicycle lane from the Martin Goodman Trail and was struck by a cab turning right from Parklawn Rd. Need to discuss any changes to make the intersection safe for cyclists.

This meeting is open to anyone interested in cycling or issues in Wards 5 and 6.

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Jim Carr

I have contributed to the fund for the bike rack at John English Junior Middle School in memory of Jim Carr.

I urge you to contribute as well.

It’s for a good cause, in memory of a good man. I think about him often, especially when I’m out cycling in my neighbourhood, especially along the Waterfront Trail along Lake Ontario at the Mississauga-Toronto border. He brought so much enthusiasm in promotion of cycling in our communities. His legacy live on.

For details on how to donate to the legacy fund, please click here.


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