Jane’s Walk in Toronto: August 17 and 31, 2014 Sunday morning urban activity and exploration!

The following message is from Denise Pinto of Jane’s Walk:

Open the streets to people and close them to cars? Yes!

Select Jane’s Walks tours will be running during the Open Streets TO 2014 Pilot Program – Sunday, August 17th and 31st – 8:00 am to noon

This year, we’ve paired up with Open Streets TO to bring Toronto even more Jane’s Walks! Around the corner is Open Streets, and event that closes the street to cars and opens it to people, inviting Torontonians to explore their city in fun and healthy ways.

The event is taking place on two Sunday mornings along Bloor from Spadina to Parliament, and along Yonge from Bloor to Queen. (Check out OpenstreetsTO.org for more details.) During the event, these roads will be closed to vehicle traffic and open to, well, everything else!

Wanting to take advantage of all this untapped room for urban exploration, we’ve asked some nearby Jane’s Walkers if they’d host a repeat tour. Here’s a taste of the great walks that are back!

Click [on the links] below to see the dates each tour is running. Some are only on one of the days, some run both days. Here’s to ending the summer partying in the streets!

Sidewalk Audit

Walk Toronto Sidewalk Audit imagines how much better our sidewalks could be if they were designed as lanes for pedestrian traffic!

Cultural, University, and Discovery District

Exploring the Cultural, University, and Discovery District tours us through an area where old and new collide.

Dundas Street

Against the Grid meanders and questions the curious curve of Dundas Street.


Graffiti in Toronto asks walkers to consider how they feel about graffiti and its place in our city.

[End of message from Jane’s Walk. Please note that, in alignment with my site’s usage policy, I’ve added a serial comma in “Cultural, University, and Discovery District.” The original text does not include the comma.]


Jane’s Walk is a great concept. It’s a great way to meet fellow residents, and to learn – through walking conversations in local neighbourhoods – about local history and the issues that confront us in the present moment.

Mike James and Jaan Pill have been leading Jane’s Walks in south Etobicoke for three years. We’re looking forward to our next round of Jane’s Walks in 2015! For a change of pace, one of our 2015 walks will focus on the history of New Toronto, the community where Mike James grew up.




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