Music from the MCHS days in the 60s – and then some. We owe thanks to Ron Van Dyke for this link.

Ron Van Dyke writes: “Music from the MCHS days in the 60s ….and then some.” Thank you, Ron, for the link!   Updates on the way from MCHS 60s Reunion Committee We are currently preparing a series of blog posts with updates about the following topics. During the past two weeks, the MCHS 60s […]

Linguistic anthropology features a close study of schoolyard games of stance, status, and exclusion

In the United States, painkillers take more lives than heroin and cocaine combined – Globe and Mail, Oct. 3, 2014

The topic of evidence and where it leads is of interest to me. Truthiness takes a person elsewhere; truthiness makes for engaging and compelling stories built upon the absence of empirical evidence. As noted at the link in the previous sentence, More Real: Art in the Age of Truthiness (2012) provides a definition and an overview (pp. […]

1989 was a critical year in the history of Eastern and Central Europe, and of the world

Twenty-five years ago in the summer of 1989, I travelled to the Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia  – at that time still under occupation by the Soviet Union. I also travelled to Sweden, which had maintained a state of neutrality, or at least the appearance of it, through the First and Second World […]