Online chapter by Tanni Kents in Estonian Life Stories (2009) describes her family’s postwar arrival in Cartierville

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In the course of an online search for “Cartierville School Preserved Stories,” I came across the English translation of a chapter in Estonian Life Stories by my late mother Tanni Kents. I’ve read the Estonian version, but had not seen the English version for some years.

You can access the full text here:

Tanni Kents (1920-2005) – Life Story

The chapter highlights the story of a particular family that ended up in Cartierville after the Second World War. Given that the family was living in Cartierville, one of Tanni’s sons graduated from Malcolm Campbell High School. The other son, two and a half years older, graduated from the High School of Montreal.


A March 24, 2017 Estonian World article is entitled: “The victims of Soviet deportations remembered in Estonia.”

The introduction to the book, in which the above-noted article by Tanni Kents appears, is also of interest, in establishing a context for the study of such life stories:

Estonian Life Stories – Introduction

Similarly, an all-day academic seminar, conducted in 2001 on related topics, is also of interest and value:

Memory and History – Crossdisciplinary Approaches to Twentieth Century Baltic Life Stories

To access the full text of Estonian Life Stories (2009) click here:

Estonian Life Stories (2009)


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