La Parete Gallery, 1086 Bathurst St., Toronto – Art of the 1960s and contemporary painters

Window display at La Parete Gallery, 1086 Bathurst Street, Toronto. Jaan Pill photo

Among the cultural resources that interest me, with regard to MCHS 60s Biographies & Histories, are painting from the 1960s.

La Parete Gallery is near the Dupont subway station at Spadina and Dupont. The station features a sidewalk display about the Spadina Expressway, which was going to be built through the area in the 1960s. Citizens in Toronto - including the urbanist and writer Jane Jacobs - rose up in opposition to the proposed destruction of the local neighbourhoods to make way for the roadway. The Spadina Expressway was stopped in its tracks as a result and the neighbourhoods were preserved. Jaan Pill photo

If you make it to the MCHS 60s Reunion & Celebration of the 60s on Oct. 17, 2015, and decide to stay to visit around Toronto that weekend, La Parete Gallery at 1086 Bathurst Street (just south of Dupont and a ways north of Bloor) is well worth checking out.

I mention this because I know that many MCHS grads had careers in the arts and/or have an interest in paintings.

When I visited the gallery on Dec. 1, 2014, I saw several contemporary paintings on display at around the $1,000 price range that I thought were really good.

As you may (or may not) know, I enjoyed painting when I was in high school.


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