Hanlan Water Project in Mississauga is now well underway

The photo Contract 1 link of the three Hanlan Water Project links at the post you are now reading.

A major project currently underway in Mississauga is the Hanlan Water Project.

Below are links for each of the three contracts associated with this project.

Contract 1 involves the tunnelling that is taking place along Lakeshore Rd and up Dixie Road to Golden Orchard Drive

Contract 2 involves the open cut work taking place on Dixie Road from Golden Orchard Drive to Eastgate Parkway

Contract 3 involves the open cut and tunnelling work taking place on Eastgate Parkway, Tomken Road and Cawthra Road

Small Arms Ltd.

The starting point for the Hanlan Water Project is next door to the Small Arms Ltd. building, in from of which a mural dealing with local military history is located, at Dixie Road and Lakeshore Road East.

View of mural at Dixie Road and Lakeshore Road East, July 2013. The mural has undergone many transformations as it addresses the forces of gravity and gusts of wind, as is noted in a separate blog post (see link at this blog post). Jaan Pill photo


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