Oral History and Digital Storytelling Centre at Concordia University helps people get their stories together

I have an interest in storytelling – including in the context in which it can potentially find a place at the MCHS 2015 reunion.

We’ve briefly referred to storytelling, as it relates to the MCHS 2015 reunion, at recent posts:

Discussion continues regarding DJ vs MC question, live music, and projected attendance at MCHS 2015

Oral History and Digital Storytelling Centre

With regard to the topic of storytelling, I’ve recently visited the online Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling at Concordia University.

Sturgeon Falls

I’m familiar with the centre because some years ago I wrote a post entitled:

Mill history binder of Sturgeon Falls

I’m really pleased, in that context, that I’ve recently been able to help out in a search for a photo from the 1950s that a person who is keen about the history of Sturgeon Falls was seeking to locate.

The story goes as follows:

Louise Freimanis:


I do not know if I have the right place where I would like to send in inquiry, but would you know where I could get a picture that was put in one of the Abitibi magazines back in 1958 to 1960 in Sturgeon Falls, ON.

Jaan Pill:


Your question has prompted me to visit Steven High’s website at Concord University.

His email is shigh@alcor.concordia.ca

I believe that Steven High would likely be able to help you to track down the information that you are looking for.

Please let me know, in the event I can help you further, to ensure that you are able to find the picture that you are interested in.

Bruce Colquhoun

Hi Louise, I’m Bruce Colquhoun and am the owner of the above mentioned binder. If you tell me exactly what you are looking for, I’ll check the binder to see if I can find it. If you do email me, please put “mill binder” as the subject. I hope I can help you.


[End of messages]


I’m really pleased I’ve been able to help to move the story forward, as a result of people contact each other through my website. In a number of cases, sometimes a year or so after the original inquiry, the connection that someone seeks to make finally falls into place.

I’m very pleased about that. I currently have an additional inquiry – to verify that “Oates” is the correct spelling of the Oates Pavilion (or similar name) that used to be a cherished landmark at the mouth of Etobicoke Creek around the 1940s – that I need to follow up.

Which brings me to the topic if storytelling as it relates to Malcolm Campbell High School. Given that I’m focused on the organizing of the MCHS 2015 60s Reunion and Celebration of the 60s, I don’t have time at this point to pursue a project related to the gathering of Oral Histories related to Malcolm Campbell High School.

However, if there is anyone out there, among the MCHS alumni, who has initiated such a project, among their own circle of MCHS classmates and friends, or is interested in putting together Oral Histories related to the school, I would be very pleased to speak with you.


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