Comment from Susan Virtue: May 4, 2015 “Character of Long Branch” meeting at The Assembly Hall

Comment from Susan Virtue:

I was at the meeting last night as well, David. I was very impressed with the turn out and the passion of the people who spoke. It’s heart breaking to learn of the abuses by developers, and the lack of response on the part of city officials.

I was annoyed by the fact that the charts on display dealt only with homes south of the Lakeshore. If one takes a walk north of Lakeshore, dozens of three story “monster homes” have been erected, and many more are in process. I had to laugh when one of the planners said they took into consideration the existing houses surrounding a proposed variance, and a two story variance would be the limit. If this is the case, why is there no political will to enforce this limitation?

Your list of suggestions is right on, David. Please add me to the list to be part of a community group. If we can unify and channel the energy that was displayed last night, I believe we can have a positive effect.

Susan Virtue


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