Tom Millar Speaks: On Saving Bala Falls

I’ve spoken about Bala Falls in previous posts.

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In the May 2015 Bala Falls video, directed and produced by Jaan Pill of Preserved Stories and edited by Steven Toepell of Bohemian Passport, Tom Millar shares his take on the story of Bala Falls.

The images at the start of the film are from

We strongly recommend that you make your views known, regarding Bala Falls; the above-mentioned website notes how you can proceed with letting decision-makers know what your views happen to be.

The interview was recorded at the Birds and Beans Café by the Lake in Mimico in southern Etobicoke in the City of Toronto on May 15, 2015. The editing worked out beautifully. It’s great that Steve Toepell ran the audio through some noise reduction software and reduced the ventilation noise and the traffic some. The sound of the coffee shop and streetcar creates great ambience and Tom Millar is in good form as a storyteller. An awesome video. Steve Toepell’s editing is A-1 on every level!



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