Update from Soryl (Shulman) Rosenberg regarding 1960s Type-E Jaguar story

Soryl Shulman Rosenberg, who is planning to attend the MCHS 2015 Reunion, has given me permission to share the following email message from her:

Soryl Shulman Rosenberg writes:

Actually the jaguar car story goes like this. When Gibby proposed to me he then asked “you don’t want a ring do you” I instantly responded “no”. The answer to the next obvious question was ” an Austin Healy”, which I adored, and still do for perhaps nostalgic reasons.

The Healy morphed into the XKE through a friend’s business. If I didn’t have Malcolm Kelly’s TD room to house it during those freezing winter days, it would not last as long as it did.

Great that you have undertaken this great project.

Soryl Shulman Rosenberg

[End of message]

We’ve discussed this great story previously at this post:

Ruth MacLeod recalls the day in the 1960s when a memorable Phys Ed teacher arrived at Malcolm Campbell High School in a Type E Jaguar sports car


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