Sue (Robinson) Brady has shared with us photos from an MCHS reunion a decade ago in Vancouver

Gail Ritchie, Bruce Wilde, Audrey Mchaffie, Dawson Campbell.

Gail Ritchie, Bruce Wilde, Audrey Mchaffie, Dawson Campbell. Sue (Robinson) Brady comments: “I don’t remember the date these pics were taken but approx.. 10 yrs+ ago.”

Gang at reunion

Gang at reunion. Top row left to right – Soryl Rosenberg (Miss Shulman), Jacki Ralph-Jamieson, Sue (Robinson) Brady, Dawson Campbell, Audrey Mchaffie. Bottom row left to right – Lynda Spence (Allen), Gail Ritchie, Linda Ritchie.

Barclay Jackie Dawson Miss Shulman (Soryl Rosenberg)

Barclay Allen, Jacki Ralph, Dawson Campbell, Soryl (Shulman) Rosenberg at Mini-Reunion in Vancouver about 10 years ago.

I was very pleased to read a comment from Sue (Robinson) Brady at a post entitled:

Cheryl Vince’s favourite teachers at Malcolm Campbell High School included a principal and a vice-principal

Click on the photos – from a reunion in Vancouver about a decade ago – to enlarge them; click again to enlarge them further

As a follow-up to her most recent comment (below), Sue has sent me the photos (along with captions) that I have posted on this page.

Sue Brady writes (July 5, 2015):

Hi Cheryl & Ruth – Great reading. You may be interested to know I get together with Virginia Sprogis (Cope) a couple of times a year.

She’s an artist living in the Eastern Townships & she used to see Mrs. Dunwoodie there (alias the Dunzel, or Elaine) up until about 6 years ago. Mrs. D was hanging out with Miss Carr at that time.

More names from the archive – when I worked for a non-profit in Toronto I recruited Neil Bacon (acct) and Graham Webb (IT) to help us set up & they continued to assist (pro bono) for 10 years.

A few years after moving to Vancouver (1998) Dawson Campbell arranged a reunion with Miss Shulman (aka Rosenberg), Jacki Ralph, Barclay Allen & Lynda Spence (Allen), Gail & Linda Ritchie, Audrey Mchaffie, Bruce Wilde & myself.

I have a few pictures of this….will find them and figure out how/where to post.


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Sue was replying to an earlier (June 24, 2014) comment, at the above-noted post, from Ruth McLeod:

Hi Cheryl – my memory does have its moments, but all the teachers you noted were memorable. I recall the PE teacher Miss [Soryl] Shulman turned up one morning with the E type Jag, all of us much agog in the windows overlooking the staff carpark.

She told us that it was her engagement gift, and she later became Mrs Rosenberg, was still teaching there after we left as I returned to visit her to say I was going into PE.

My local spies saw her in Ste Adele – they owned that famous Old Mtl restaurant, and another up north. Mrs Jelinek was the other PE. Mrs Schlutz was the mother of Heinz in our class for many years (they made a decision to change the name spelling).

I was in touch with Heinz prob on a trip home 1980, but heard he passed away far too young.

Mr Talbot told us in Gr 11 that he missed teaching, and I surmise that the school had settled down in the first 3 years. We were all quite tolerant and well behaved (in my memory) when he could not turn up to teach. I think Rosie met up with him in the school system over the years.

Bob Hill introduced himself on his first MCHS as ‘Robert Andrew Hill’ and we soon learned he was quite famous in a band. Don’t ask me to define famous though, as our world was so small in those days.

The other day I found my 1964 exam sheets in my yearbook, all but Latin, and cannot believe I would have known what was asked for in chemistry! I showed it to my resident chemist who acknowledged it was suitably challenging.

Doesn’t seem like 50 years ago.


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At the post we also shared a comment (Jan. 11, 2015) from Graeme Decarie:

It was Miss Soryl Shulman. She married Gibby Rosenberg, a very nice guy. I think she’s back in Montreal now, just back from a month or so in some jungle, building bamboo huts for the homeless. She keeps very busy. Gibby spent a year sailing around the world by himself. He started sailing before they married, working himself up from a Y flyer to a huge yacht, always aiming at the trip around the world.

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Gary Lambertz has also commented (July 5, 2015):

Hi Sue! I was just reading the article and happened to remember your name and Virginia’s’ name from the past! My Sister, Karin Lambertz was friends with the both of you. It was many years ago that I used to hang out with Virginia’s brother in Roxboro, where they lived. Hope that all is well and that if you are going to the reunion, we can catch up on the years gone by. Best Regards, Gary Lambertz

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The organizing team looks forward to a great reunion

Sue Brady has also commented in an email: “I enjoy reading the posts & appreciate all the work you are putting into this 50th reunion. Unfortunately I won’t be in Toronto when it takes place but will follow online.”

We – I speak in this regard on behalf of the organizers – are very pleased that you enjoy reading the posts and appreciate all the work that goes into the reunion. Your kind words of support are much appreciated, and serve as a source of motivation for us as October 17, 2015 approaches.

We are blessed to have a hard-working, dedicated team of Alumni working together to stage the MCHS ’60s Reunion:

  • Howard Hight of Boston and Diana Redden of Vancouver who look after the Reunion Database and Newsletter
  • The Event Committee which comprises Scott Munro of Dundas, Ontario; Peter Mearns of Bolton, Ontario; Lynn (Hennebury) Legge of London, Ontario; Gina (Davis) Cayer of St. Williams, Ontario; and Jaan Pill of Long Branch, Ontario.
  • The Entertainment Subcommittee, with members all based in Toronto, include Barbara Sayfy; Heather Anne Liddell; Noreen McMillan; and Mary Lynne Dewhurst.

As well, we are in ongoing contact with a wide range of MCHS Alumni and Teachers who have been a key source for great ideas, and for helping us attend to strategic thinking as it relates to every aspect of the planning process.

We owe thanks to every person who has been moving the project forward, and helping to build the network of contacts among MCHS Alumni that has been in place for the past 50 years and more, and which we hope will continue to thrive and grow in the years ahead.

Skype or Google +

We are working on setting up a platform that would enable Alumni and Teachers, who are unable to attend the October 17, 2015 Reunion in person, to touch base with us online.

Please contact me at jpill@preservedstoriescom or on Facebook at Jaan Hendrik Pill if you are familiar with using Skype or Google + or other platforms to enable people to attend such a meeting through video conferencing.

Alternatively, if unable to attend, if you’d like to send us brief message by email, that we could read out at the Reunion, that would also be a good way to go. The point is that we all want to keep in touch, as the years go by.

As well, if anyone attending the reunion is interested in helping out with video and audio recording of the reunion, please contact me as soon as possible.


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  1. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    By way of clarifying what the MCHS ’60s Reunion entails, I’d like to share the following Q & A from the FAQ page at the MCHS 2015 website:

    Q: Is this only a 50th reunion?

    A: It’s a reunion for every person who was at MCHS any time in the 1960s. That includes people who started in the late 60s and graduated in the early 1970s. By way of an update, it also includes people who attended in the late 1970s and the 1980s, who are welcome as Friends of the 1960s Alumni. People who attended one of the elementary schools that MCHS Alumni attended, but who did not go on to MCHS, are also welcome to attend the reunion.

    If you’re looking at the reunion in terms of the date of the opening of the school, it has been said it’s really a 55th year reunion. The school opened in September 1961, so if you do a little rounding off, it’s 55 years since the school actually opened.

    We’ve spoken from time to time of a 50-year reunion, in the sense that it’s close to 50 years since many of us graduated. If a person graduated in 1963, then it’s been 52 years. For someone who graduated in 1973, it’s been 42 years.

    We’ve learned, from a Facebook conversation, that we as organizers need to be careful not to create confusion regarding this topic. It’s a good idea to look at it this as a ’60s reunion, period.

  2. Marcia Silver
    Marcia Silver says:

    As a member of the first graduating class, 11A, at Malcolm Campbell, I recall in particular Mr. Leroy’s in-depth teaching of Latin, Mr. Lewis’ fascinating Chemistry class, Mr. Christmas taking us to see French plays at Salle Gesu, dissecting a worm for the first time in Mrs. McCormick’s Biology class; I believe that there was also a Mrs. Galaczy who taught us French and Mr. Saul for Algebra and Geometry. I’m not sure who handled Physical Education, mainly because I had every excuse in the book for getting out of Gym class, and those horrid, flaming red outfits we had to wear! In the photos taken ten years ago, I noticed Audrey McHaffie, Linda Ritchie and Lynda Spence, who I remember as being excellent at gym and sports in general, and as I attended Ahuntsic School with them and was in the same class at least once, I’m wondering whether anyone would know if there was a class picture taken of Mrs.Harris’ Grade 7 class, 1957-58, and if so, where I might find one. I appreciate the opportunities provided by this site.

  3. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Wonderful to read your overview, Marcia. You bring so many details to life!

    I am very pleased to know that the site is useful for MCHS Alumni. There is so much value in the sharing of information. I’m pleased to do my bit to help out.

    I’ve posted your question at the three Facebook pages that we use to engage in conversations related to the MCHS ’60s Reunion. I’m hoping someone will be able to find the photo that you seek.

  4. Stella Sloan
    Stella Sloan says:

    Hi Just came across your posting mentioning an Audrey McHaffie. I grew up with her and haven’t been in touch for 50 years. If anyone there has any email for her or any in formation on her I would be most grateful. I can be reached at and my phone # is 905-823-4447. She may remember me as stella Kinmond and my parents were Larry & Nessie Kinmond or maybe her sister Laura might remember.

    thanks for any help
    Stella Sloan

  5. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    I will pass your message along to Sue Brady. Let us hope you will be able to re-connect!



    Update: Sue Brady does not have the contact details. But we will persevere in our quest to help Stella to re-connect with Audrey!

    • Stella Sloan
      Stella Sloan says:


      I have just hung up after speaking to Audrey. I can’t thank everyone enough for their help.



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