The Rise and Fall of English Montreal (1993) was an NFB film for which Graeme Decarie was historical advisor and occasional commentator


A May 2017 CBC interactive webpage is entitled: “Montreal is 375 years old, but how old are its buildings?”

A May 17, 2017 Montreal Gazette article is entitled: “Montreal’s history did not start 375 years ago.”



We have previously featured posts in which Bob Hill’s research about the English presence in Quebec has been highlighted, and Graeme Decarie’s efforts on behalf of the anglophone community in Quebec have also been highlighted.

Bob Hill is the author of Voice of the Vanishing Minority: Robert Sellar and the Huntingdon Gleaner, 1863-1919 (1998).

For the current post, I’m pleased to pass along the following message from Graeme Decarie:

A student from my Concordia teaching days sent me a very pleasant note which included the URL below – It’s a film for which I was historical advisor and occasional commentator, a film produced by National Film Board. “The Rise and Fall of English Montreal”.

I pass it on to bring joy and culture to the world. (There will be a test.)

There are a few others kicking around “Showgirls”, “Notman’s Montreal”, and at least one other whose name I forget.


Please, no requests for autographs.


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Bob Hill’s connection to the Marlborough golf club

In previous posts, we’ve spoken at length about the Marlborough golf club. I am pleased to say that I recently came across a blurb about Bob Hill (Homeroom Teacher for 11-J) in the 1963-64 MCHS annual, which provided information about his prowess as a golfer, which I had not known about until I read the blurb:

Mr. Hill

“What touches me myself shall be last served.”

Mr. Hill is one of the most popular teachers in the school. (Of course his blond hair and blue eyes do help!) His secret ambition is “to win the Nobel Prize for History if there is one.” The teachers of the school know Mr Hill for his extra large meals in the school cafeteria. He is known to the students for making History lessons bearable. Outside of school Mr. Hill has a large variety of activites. He has won the Junior Golf Championships of Quebec and two Senior Golf Championships at the Marlborough Golf Club. Before coming to M.C.H.S., Mr. Hill sang on radio for a number of years. Mr. Hill teaches Driver Education Class, and even provides the entertainment for our Scholarship dances.

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