Soryl (Shulman) Rosenberg, MCHS Phys Ed teacher, will read out an address to the students from Graeme Decarie

Contact details for Graeme Decarie

Graeme Decarie will not be able to make it to the MCHS ’60s Reunion, because of family responsibilities that he must attend to. However, we will share an address that he has prepared, which will be read out at the reunion. As well, any student who wishes to get in touch with Graeme can write to – or call 506-962-1497.

We will publish Graeme’s brief address, after it has been read out at the reunion.

Here’s a recent online discussion with Graeme

Jaan Pill: I have forwarded your address to Soryl Rosenberg, with the request that she will read it out at the reunion.

I will wait until the after it has been read out, after which I will post it as a blog post. I will include a photo of Soryl reading it out.

It’s a moving address. The audience will be moved.

Graeme Decarie: I grew up in an area in which going to university was unthought of. Most of kids I knew all the way from grades 1 to 8 were functionally illiterate. Grade 9 was the end of the line for almost all of them. My first full-time job was as mailboy in an office. That made me something of a celebrity because I was the first one to get a job in which I came home with clean clothes on.

Some friends (older than me), left school after grade four (when they were fourteen and could legally quit.) My parents took my flunking out of high school with no problem, but were quite upset when I started university courses. They thought I was getting above myself. My mother had been put out to work after grade 6 to “pay her share of family expenses”. So she became a live-in domestic servant for seven days a week with enough time off on Sunday to go to church.

You baby boomers were unlucky, really. You missed the good, old days by being just a bit too late.


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