One-page survey was circulated at Nov. 30, 2015 Long Branch Neighbourhood Association launch meeting

Long Branch Subdivisions Map

Long Branch Subdivisions Map. Click on the map to enlarge it. Click again to enlarge it further.

I have discussed the Nov. 30, 2015 meeting elsewhere; you can find previous posts by doing a search, using the internal search engine at this website, for “Long Branch Neighbourhood Association.”

Some key points

Some key points from the Nov. 30, 2015 meeting:

Purpose of meeting

The meeting had the purpose of determining the level of interest, by the community, to start an association. Given the turnout at the meeting – somewhere in the range of 130 people – it’s clear there’s a pretty strong level of interest.

A next step will involved the creation of a bit of an action committee, a steering committee, to move forward with the initiative.

Purpose of survey

A beautiful, one-page green survey was circulated at the  meeting. This survey is to help determine what you see this Association being. It’s really about all of ourselves being residents of Long Branch, and really coming to a consensus about what it is that we want this Association to represent.

Aerial view of November 1949 looking east along Lake Shore Blvd West from near Long Branch Loop. The Colonel Samuel Smith House, built as a log cabin in the middle of a forest in 1797, to which additions and siding were added over the years, is visible at what is now the site of the former Parkview School property at 85 Forty First Street. The house was torn down in 1955. For more details, do a search for “Colonel Samuel Smith” at this website. Click on image to enlarge it; click again to enlarge it further. Photo: Ontario Archives Acc 16215, ES1-814, Northway Gestalt Collection


At the meeting, Brian Liberty shared the following comments:

“Just to make another note, though. So, I understand that there may be some frustrations. There’s a lot of things going on right now; there’s a lot of developments; there’s a lot of illegal tree removals going on. Tonight is not really the night to be venting frustrations; it to be discussing those frustrations. I also live just around the corner from some bad things going on within the development world.

“So it’s really, again, about starting this initiative and about talking about it and determining how we want to move forward. So, I think it’s going to be great to stay on topic and then we’re looking at ending maybe just after 8 o’clock, because we started a little late, and then from there, if you wanted to stay around for a half hour and talk to each other, ask any questions, that sort of thing, then I would encourage that.”

Text of survey

Here are the questions:

Help create a Long Branch Neighbourhood Association – Your input is important!

How would you like to be involved?

 In organizing and/or leadership (First Planning meeting Dec 7th)

 On email list/kept informed through regular community updates

 On Committee dealing with Special Interest area- development, events, parks, safety, etc.

 Able to access the Association and its resources, if needed

 As a volunteer for Association sponsored events

 Other, please specify:

Marino's car dealership site. Jaan Pill photo

Marino’s car dealership site at 3526 Lake Shore Blvd. West, site of future townhouse development. Jaan Pill photo

What issues most concern you in Long Branch?

 Development (lot splitting, oversized and incompatible, out of place new housing, etc.)

 Tree Protection

 Safety (crime, traffic, street parking, etc.)

 Parks and Waterfront (upgrades, trash, debris, etc.)

 Other, please specify:

What do you think a Long Branch Association should focus on?

 Protecting Long Branch from inappropriate development through advocacy and education

 Celebrating the neighbourhood by organizing events/special interest groups that connect

neighbours or reinforce the area’s history (concerts in the park, activities, decoration, etc.)

 Enhancing Long Branch by collaborating with the City/BIA to upgrade parks and public areas

Other, please specify:

What skills, services or equipment do you have to offer?

 Marketing

 Media/Social media/Publicity

 Graphic design/Printing

 Meeting space/Audio Visual Equipment

 Anything else we might need? Please specify:

How can we contact you for future updates, issues, questions and involvement?




For additional comments, please use reverse side. Please hand in before leaving. Thank You!

[End of text from one-page survey distributed at Nov. 30, 2015 meeting]

Contact information

For information, contact

Follow-up meeting

Dec. 7, 2015 meeting at Humber College will focus on the next steps for the (tentatively named) Long Branch Neighbourhood Association


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