Basketball, ‘the invention of a Canadian’ – CBC Digital Archives: James Naismith describes how he invented the game

I heard this audio recording one recent morning on CBC Metro Morning:

Basketball, ‘the invention of a Canadian’

The link above is from the CBC Digital Archives; an excerpt from the link notes:

“Basketball came to be because an inventive physical education student named James Naismith was in the right place at the right time. As sports historian Percy Lesueur explains in this CBC Radio clip, the head of the physical education department at the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Mass. was looking for a new game in 1891. That man (Luther Gulick) put Naismith in charge of the other students and asked them to suggest activities ‘which could be played by groups indoors, free from rough play and bodily contact, but at the same time requiring plenty of teamwork and individual effort.’ Naismith submitted the basic components of his sport and after a trial game it was accepted. Some 30 years later, a girls’ team from Edmonton were becoming perhaps basketball’s first legendary team. They were called the Edmonton Grads (short for Edmonton Commercial Graduates) and they beat just about everyone in their path.”


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