Mississauga looks to continue post-Hazel renaissance in 2016: Jan. 1, 2016 Toronto Star article

A Jan. 1, 2016 Toronto Star article is entitled: “Mississauga looks to continue post-Hazel renaissance in 2016.”

The subhead reads: “Under Bonnie Crombie, transit, waterfront redevelopment, affordable housing and repairing strained police-citizen relations are shaping up as top issues.”


The article notes:

“However, higher-order transit plans will have to compete with other key issues on the city’s agenda for 2016, including the historic redevelopment of Mississauga’s eastern waterfront, around the old Lakeview power station, where 26 hectares of wetlands and beachfront will be restored after decades of industrial use. Adjacent plans for a transformative $3-billion mixed-use waterfront community with 8,000 midrise units will be part of the city’s ambitious lakefront development initiatives.”

[End of excerpt]

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