Gail Howell de Vries’ best friends at MCHS were Lynda Spence, Barclay Allan, Dawson Campbell, Brent Holden, Linda McCracken, Bruce McKay

Myrth GAIL Howell de Vries has added a comment to a previous page dealing with the MCHS 2015 reunion that as held on Oct. 17, 2015 in Toronto.

“So sad to hear that I missed the 2015 Reunion. My family left Quebec, in 1963, and so have not been in contact with classmates from 1960-1963. My best friends at school were Lynda Spence, Barclay Allan, Dawson Campbell, Brent Holden, Linda McCracken, Bruce McKay, and many more. Are you able to help me touch base with any alumni from those years?”

I’m posting Gail’s comments (see also additional comments below) as part of a separate post, ignored to bring attention to them.

You can read Gail’s comment here:

Malcolm Campbell High School

Jeanne Butcher

At another previous post, Myrth GAIL Howell de Vries commented:

“I am so pleased that we were able to be in touch with Jeanne Butcher via email when we were working on the planning of the MCHS 2015 reunion. I was really pleased to catch up to date on the story of her life in the years that followed MCHS.”

You can read Gail’s comment here:

Editorial by Jeanne Butcher in MCHS 1962-63 yearbook

Great photo from Noreen McMillan (I will post it soon)

As well, over the next day or two I will post a photo from Ahuntsic School from the 1950s (as I recall) that Noreen McMillan. I’m a little slow, but the work will get done.

Bob Carswell

At another post, Gail Howell de Vries writes:

“I went to school with Bob. Don’t know if I agree with his philosophy of life, but he sounds like an interesting person to talk with.”

I have commented in turn:

“Bob lives close to where I live in Toronto. We get together for coffee about once a month. It’s one of the benefits of being involved with a reunion – we renew old acquaintances and have the opportunity to meet and chat from time to time. I enjoy meeting with Bob. He has some great stories to share!”

You can find the post here:

Bob Carswell shares reflections about the passage of the years

Update from Jaan Pill

I’ll be catching up on a wide range of tasks related to the post-reunion phase of the MCHS 2015 Reunion. What a great time we had!

After the reunion, I took a total break. After two years of quite intensive work as a member of a great organizing team, I decided for a start to take a break from volunteer work.

For a long time, while working on the reunion, I had dropped my habit of having fifty books from the Toronto Public Library sitting on a shelf at my home, and keeping me occupied much of every day.

During the last stages of the MCHS 2015 planning process, I stopped borrowing library books, period. After the reunion for several months I was catching up on reading of library books. Now I’ve got that out of my system and am back to work on post-reunion tasks.

I’ve also taken up strength training to go along with my regular cardiovascular work (which I kept up even during the past two years of work on the MCHS 2015 Reunion). It’ s great to be working out again regularly at a small, recently renovated health club run by the City of Toronto in the neighbourhood where I live.

I love analogue activities – such as lifting weights, running – and I look forward to continuing these activities as I get back to volunteer work with many projects on the go as is the case in my life from time to time.

[End of comment]

Lynda Spence and Barclay Allan

Gail adds:

“I’ve been looking for Lynda Spence and Barclay Allan for years. I lived with Lynda and her family for the last month of school, in 1963. My parents had already moved to Brampton, ON, so Lynda was very gracious to let me stay with her and finish high school, in Quebec.”

Jaan has commented in turn:

“I look forward to knowing that, one way or another, you will be able to touch base with Lynda and Barclay again. They are out in B.C. ”

The comments are at this post:

“Whenever I have a spare moment,” notes Graeme Decarie, “I write a bit about my life for my children.”

School song

Regarding a post about the school song, Gail writes:

“I was among the group that recorded our school song, at the 2000 reunion. Had a great time doing it. Never heard about it after that.”

Jaan comments:

“Wonderful to know you were one of the group that recorded the song, Gail! We all enjoyed hearing the song at the MCHS 2015 Reunion. It was truly a memorable experience, to hear the song again after these many years.”

The comments are at this post:

Did they sing “We sing for Malcolm Campbell High” at the MCHS ’60s Reunion?


2 replies
  1. Bob Carswell
    Bob Carswell says:

    Gail Howell de Vries

    Hi Gail,
    If you are still looking for a contact point for Lynda and Barclay, I might ber able to track one down. Let me know. You know what to do with that I suspect. I am just trying to avoid computer spamming.
    Bob Carswell

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    By way of an update, Tim Hewlings (MCHS 1963) has shared some information about archival resources that Noreen McMillan and other alumni might find useful in their search for the second 1958 photo. I’ve passed along the details to Noreen. Tim has added that the Protestant School Board is now called the English Montreal School Board.


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