Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena known for pioneering social housing projects wins 2016 Pritzker prize

A Jan. 13, 2016 Guardian article is entitled: “Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena wins 2016 Pritzker prize.” The subhead reads: “Social housing visionary, who engaged residents in designing their own homes, urges architects to address issues of poverty, pollution and segregation.” Alejandro Aravena: architect, equaliser, el visionario The opening paragraph reads: “The radical Chilean architect Alejandro […]

Empirical research and anecdotal experience appear to support power posing: Dec. 28, 2015 New York Times book review

Updates Click here for posts about Amy Cuddy’s research > A Nov. 3, 2016 Language and Cognition article is entitled: “Power in time: The influence of power posing on metaphoric perspectives on time.” [End]   In 1959, Erving Goffman introduced his theory of impression management. The concept of impression management in turn brings to mind discussions […]

Homeless to Harvard: Toronto dropout accepted to Ivy league school – April 15, 2015 Toronto Star

Through reading a publication from Ryerson University, I recently came across a story, which I found inspiring, about Toni Morgan, a Ryerson graduate. An April 15, 2015 Toronto Star article outlines the story. The article is entitled: “Homeless to Harvard: Toronto dropout accepted to Ivy league school.” The subhead reads: “Toni Morgan, 32, is crowdfunding […]

Message from MPP Peter Milczyn: New Year’s Levee Jan 10; Government & Community Services Fair – Sat., Feb. 20, 2016, 11:00 am – 3:30 pm, Cloverdale Mall

Message from Peter Milczyn’s Office: Dear Neighbour, As we head into 2016, I would like to remind you that my Annual New Year’s Levee will be held on Sunday, January 10th from 2 to 4 pm at the Royal Canadian Legion, 110 Jutland Avenue. Also please mark the date for the Government and Community Services […]

Bob Saul, math teacher and administrator at MCHS, has passed away

A previous post has shared photos from an August 2015 get-together with Bob Saul in Kingston: Tim Hewlings shares photos of August 2015 get-together with MCHS teacher Bob Saul, age 85, in Kingston, Ontario We are indebted to Tim Hewlings (MCHS 1963) for letting us know of the following Jan. 9, 2016 notice in the […]

Studies regarding mass killing during Guatemalan civil war

A Jan. 6, 2015 Guardian article is entitled: “Ex-Guatemalan officials arrested over civil war killings and abuses” The subhead is entitled: “The suspects face charges of crimes against humanity involving massacres and disappearances of people by security forces under their command.” A Jan. 16, 2016 New York Times article is entitled: “Guatemala Arrests Former Military Officers […]

The Past, Present and Future of Falun Gong. A lecture by Benjamin Penny at the National Library of Australia, 2001

I’ve recently been reading The Religion of Falun Gong (2012) by Benjamin Perry. A blurb for the book at the Toronto Public Library reads: “In July 1999, a mere seven years after the founding of the religious movement known as the Falun Gong, the Chinese government banned it. Falun Gong is still active in other […]

MPP Peter Milczyn’s New Year’s levee, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Sunday January 10, 2016 @ Royal Canadian Legion Branch 210, 110 Jutland Road, Etobicoke

I’m pleased to share with you the following message (please see below) from Etobicoke-Lakeshore MPP Peter Milczyn’s Office: Date: Monday, January 4, 2016 at 7:45 PM Subject: MPP Peter Milczyn’s New Year’s levee, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm, Sunday January 10, 2016 @ Royal Canadian Legion Branch 210, 110 Jutland Road, Etobicoke Dear Neighbours: Attached […]

@TorontoArchives photo of people skating in Toronto & multiculturalism & equality-related stats

The photo is from Twitter: Toronto Guardian ‏@TORGuardian: Our photo collection from the @TorontoArchives of people skating in #Toronto – #History – Multiculturalism in Canada and Europe Multiculturalism in Canada and in Europe, as viewed by Kenan Malik: The Failure of MulticulturalismL Community Versus Society in Europe Canada’s multiculturalism is no model for Europe: Europe […]

When immersed in a story we may tend to let down our guard

A Dec. 29, 2015 New Yorker article is entitled: “How Stories Deceive.” The book refers to a book by Jerome Bruner: Actual minds, possible worlds (1986). The wider topic concerns scams and scamming. One of the protections against scamming is evidence-based practice by which I refer to an orientation that focuses on the quality (e.g., […]