Sweden rolls out its sustainable ways to the world – July 20, 2016 Mississauga News

A previous post is entitled: “Stockholm’s urban planning continues to be a model for sustainable communities – July 20, 2016 Brampton Guardian.”

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A June 20, 2016 Mississauga News article is entitled:  “Sweden rolls out its sustainable ways to the world.”

The opening paragraphs read:

I’m in a souvenir shop in old Stockholm when an argument breaks out over the $15 snow globe I hold in my hand: “Peter, please don’t pay this price.

The kerfuffle is between the Bengali shop owner and my newfound friend and colleague, William, who, contrary to my Canadian sensibilities, is trying to haggle down the amount of money I am about to pay for this keepsake for my wife.

William, a reporter out of Dubai, shares a heritage with the merchant and, as any proud negotiator would, hopes the ancestral connection will result in a discount.

It doesn’t.

“This is Sweden!” screams the offended shop owner, who goes on a tirade about fixed pricing.

Two things are going through my mind at this point: how on earth did I end up in this ridiculous situation? And, more importantly, how am I going to get myself out of this awkward mess.

[End of excerpt]

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Another sidebar notes:


• 80% of Stockholmers use public transit during rush hour

• Stockholm’s buses run on biogas

• 80% of buildings in Stockholm are connected to a district heating grid, run on biofuels and household waste


A Sept. 20, 2016 Brookings Institution article is entitled: “Amid Brexit and Spotify threats, Stockholm adapts to remain globally competitive.”


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