Artifacts and Alliances (2015) concerns museums and storytelling

A previous post is entitled: Storytelling: Getting attention; playing the role; collaboration. As noted at the post, a Dec. 1, 2016 Canadian Museum of History article is entitled: “Canadian History Hall Storytelling: The Human Experience.” The opening paragraph reads: As the Canadian History Hall team began its task of creating an exhibition spanning 15,000 years, […]

Storytelling: Getting attention; playing the role; collaboration

This post concerns three key features or elements of storytelling. At a previous post, I have noted some insights that have occurred to me regarding storytelling. Some subsequent posts are entitled: CBC The Current podcast: We are natural storytelling machines, not statisticians – The Undoing Project (2017) The elements of storytelling include (4) backstaging and (5) re-inhabitation […]

The Dragon in the Land of Snows: A History of Modern Tibet Since 1947 (1999) & The Struggle for Tibet (2009)

Stuttering – A Listener’s Guide: The video has now been viewed over 800 times at

Some years ago, I put together a video that has now been viewed online over 800 times.     Editing of such videos is time consuming and requires expertise, but can result in great online materials. The video that I put together, based on a presentation at an event in North York some years ago, […]

Hidden Hydrology: Exploring lost rivers, buried creeks & disappeared streams

Interesting website: Hidden Hydrology:  Exploring lost rivers, buried creeks & disappeared streams. Connecting historic ecology + the modern metropolis On Twitter it’s at @hiddenhydrology (joined September 2016). Well worth following. Click here for previous posts about lost rivers >  

Seeking information: Wartime and postwar housing at Small Arms Ltd. in Lakeview and elsewhere

Please note that subsequent posts include: Where will the people go: Toronto’s Emergency Housing Program and the Limits of Canadian Social Housing Policy, 1944-1957 Ted Long shares photos from the Long Branch army camp in the 1950s; with comments from Ted Long & Garry Burke Life at the Long Branch Army Camp, long, long ago! […]

How do I reach an audience?

A previous post is entitled: What makes a good story? The following links address a related question, namely: How do you reach an audience? Harvard Business Review counsels readers on how to get attention A Jan. 6, 2017 Harvard Business Review article is entitled: “What You Need to Stand Out in a Noisy World.” The […]

Great interview regarding Human Scale Development with Councillor Jim Tovey at NewsTalk 1010 on Jan. 7, 2017

You can access the interview at 43.15 on the streaming Jan. 7, 2017 clip at the following link: Simply Real Estate with Todd C. Slater Click here for previous posts about Mississauga Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey > Jim Tovey has on Jan. 8, 2017 retweeted a Dec. 26, 2016 CBC article entitled: “Want to […]