Door-to-door scams and scamming season in Long Branch (Toronto)

From the Long Branch Neighbourhood Watch Facebook group:

“Heads-up, a sales-person knocking on doors asking to see if you qualify for a water filter and of course asking to enter the house.

“Can’t answer most questions about his company, won’t provide a card or a pamphlet and when told by the home-owner that the company he’s representing can make an appointment if they’re interested in talking, says they never will.”

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Some of the posts from previous years (from the above e-noted list of posts) include:

City of Toronto is warning residents to be cautious about private companies offering door-to-door free water testing

Beware of energy scammers going door to door

Beware of energy scammers going door to door; they are still going door to door

Scams and scamming: Updates

For your interest, an update that I’ve added to the above-noted post on May 11, 2017 reads:

A May 11, 2017 CBC article is entitled: “‘A very disheartening day’: Most of Canada’s regulators abandon plan to put your financial interests first: Only securities regulators in Ontario and New Brunswick still interested in a statutory best interest standard.”

Phil Gray suggested years ago that I write about scams and scamming

I began writing about scams and scamming years ago after Phil Gray, author and war veteran, got in touch with me and said it would be a great topic to write about, based on what he’d seen by way of door-to-door scams. He wanted people to know how to protect themselves:

I never met Phil Gray, author of Ghosts of Targets Past, in person but I much enjoyed getting to know him


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