Recordings of Committee of Adjustment meetings are available from the City’s Customer Support Booking Centre

I have contacted the City’s Customer Support Booking Centre at 416-397-7220, and have ordered a copy of the Etobicoke York Committee of Adjustment meeting held on May 4, 2017.

I will be picking up my copy at the Customer Support Office in the basement of City Hall East Tower in downtown Toronto. The cost is $40 cash.

I’ve previously discussed my interest, particularly in my role as a blogger, in getting recordings of CofA and related hearings. I’ve outlined the reasons for my interest at a recent post:

Comments from Jaan Pill regarding August 2017 Long Branch Character Guidelines draft

A subtext for the above-noted post reads: “The descriptor ‘eclectic,’ when used by CofA / OMB decision makers = kiss of death.”

Q & A

I had some questions for the Customer Support Booking Centre and have received the following answers.

Q: What additional recordings, aside from May 4, 2017, are available for Etobicoke York Committee of Adjustment hearings?

A: All Etobicoke CofA meetings held in the Etobicoke Civic Center are recorded as far back as about a year or so ago.

Q: Are recording available from other CofA hearings, other than Etobicoke York?

A: All other Committees of Adjustment (Toronto/East York, North York, Scarborough) are recorded with the exception of York.

Q: Is Live Streaming of any City of Toronto CofA meetings available? If so, are links to past Live Streams available online?

A: Live streaming of CofA is currently not available. It is however in the works for the near future.


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