Toronto Local Appeal Body procedures: April 2018 comments from (among others) Leaside, Swansea, and Long Branch residents

For residents who may have an interest in such matters, here’s a recent message to south Etobicoke residents planning a TLAB appeal. The residents learned of an impending appeal deadline just recently. A July 10, 2018 message from TLAB reads: Please note that as appeals must be submitted to the Committee of Adjustment, they may […]

Conceptual metaphor theory seeks to explain how abstract conceptualization works

At a previous post I’ve discussed Mark Johnson’s overview of a theory related to the concept of an embodied mind. I began by highlighting the first paragraph of the third chapter of Embodied Mind, Meaning, and Reason (2017). Later in the same chapter, the authors offer an overview of the role of metaphors in the […]

Reporter: A Memoir (2018) and Bring the War Home (2018) address history and legacy of Vietnam War

Change in culture of decision making not easy but can be achieved

A March 1966 Harvard Business Review article by Chris Argyris is entitled: “Interpersonal Barriers to Decision Making.” This long-ago article highlights a fact that has not changed over the years. Change in the culture of decision making is not easy, but it can be achieved – provided that specified steps are followed. Commentary Given that the document was […]

Embodied Mind, Meaning, and Reason (2017) addresses how the body shapes the mind

Monarch Butterfly Project now underway at Small Arms Inspection Building!

A post at – which is the address of the Small Arms Society website – notes: Help us bring the monarchs back! The water tower field was once the stopping ground for monarch butterflies before they continued their path to Mexico. Help encourage the return of the monarchs by planting a portion of the […]

Long Branch residents say similar lot-splitting proposals have led to vastly different decisions, by Toronto Local Appeal Body

During the 21 years that I have lived in Long Branch with my family, I have learned many things. During our years in Long Branch, I have learned, for example, that the culture of decision making is decidedly more coherent and robust in Mississauga than it is in Toronto. That is evident, as I’ve noted […]

11 & 15 Stanley Ave. lot-split proposals in Mimico will be addressed at Toronto Local Appeal Body on Sept. 4 and Sept. 14, 2018

Below is a text (to which I’ve made minor copy edits) of my letter of objection sent to the Toronto Local Appeal Body regarding lot-splitting / overbuilding proposals at 11 & 15 Stanley Ave. in Mimico: Comments regarding TLAB hearing: 11 & 15 Stanley Ave. July 5, 2018 I am pleased to have the opportunity […]

Small Arms Inspection Building Re-opens – July 3, 2018 Mississauga News article

A July 3, 2018 Mississauga News article is entitled: “Small Arms Inspection Building Re-opens.” Click here for previous posts about the Small Arms Inspection Building > What a great story (see link in first sentence at this post)! I am hugely impressed. This is a historically significant building that was saved from demolition in 2008, […]

July 12, 2018, 6-8pm: Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre has a three-in-one exhibit event just for you!

Click here to access previous posts about Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre > As the day approaches when the sale of our house in Long Branch closes, we look back on many things that we have especially enjoyed about living in Long Branch. Certainly, one of the great experiences, that I’ve had, has been learning about […]