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In Dark Age Ahead (2004), Jane Jacobs outlines, with a sense of despair, as well as of hope, how we can protect and strengthen our culture and communities

A previous post is entitled: Investing in cultural cohesion and preservation can help rebuild cities devastated by war or natural disasters, says a new World Bank report – March 12, 2019 CityLab article I have an interest in the history of land-use decision making, a history that dates back millions of years. Human beings have […]


Jane’s Walk, Sunday, May 28, 2017, 10:00 am – Port Credit and Jane Jacobs: past, present and future development

For details click here: Port Credit and Jane Jacobs: past, present and future development Led by Jonathan Giggs, Michael D. Spaziani, B.E.S. (Environmental Studies), B. Arch., OAA, FRAIC Sunday, May 28, 2017, 10:00 am, 1.5 Hours Meet at lower level of Port Credit Memorial Arena, 40 Stavebank Road. Comment Michael Spaziani is a tremendously valuable […]


Remembering and understanding Jane Jacobs, beyond left and right (Globe and Mail, Sept. 30, 2016)

A recent post about Jane Jacobs is entitled:  Is Jane Jacobs blameworthy for gentrification?: Arguments for and against My friend Mike James has let me know about the following Sept. 30, 2016 article from the Globe and Mail: Remembering and understanding Jane Jacobs, beyond left and right The opening paragraph reads: Everyone has their own Jane […]


Jane Jacobs was not an academic

I heard Jane Jacobs speak in Toronto around the early 1980s when I lived for a brief period on Toronto Island. In those years the Toronto Island community on Ward Island and Algonquin Island was facing eviction at the hands of the Metropolitan Toronto government whose political leadership had a strong desire to turn the […]


Jane Jacobs “helped us see that roads and buildings and streetscapes encapsulated information”

I like Alice Munro’s comparison between her way of reading a short story, and the experience a person has when visiting somebody’s house. We all know how a house works, she remarks in the anthology entitled The art of the short story (2206), and “how it encloses space and makes connections between one enclosed space and another and […]


Reconsidering Jane Jacobs (2011) offers an overview of her work and legacy

Reconsidering Jane Jacobs (2011) offers a good introduction to Jane Jacob’s work. This book, available at the Toronto Public Library, offers a valuable overview of her life, her growth as a writer, and her legacy. The essays include a fascinating overview of her wide-ranging work as a writer (reaching both general and academic audiences) prior to […]