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Graeme Decarie (teacher at Malcolm Campbell High School) recalls Raimbault Creek, the stream that ran through Cartierville in the 1960s

We are pleased to let you know that Graeme Decarie has posted the following comment at a post entitled: The stream that used to run through Cartierville in Montreal was called Raimbault Creek I’ve posted this great message and have also posted the following comment in turn: Message from Graeme Decarie I remember the creek […]


Only 35,000 of Detroit’s 88,000 streetlights actually work, so some owners are buying and installing their own

Deindustrialization and the metaphor of the Machine in the Garden have been the topics of previous posts, as has been the urban planning history of Chicago. I’ve also discussed the contrast between waterfront development in Mississauga and Toronto: Anecdotes Shared by Fellow Walkers – May 5, 2014 post by Jaan Pill at Jane’s Walk website […]


Can the term neoliberalism be turned into a useful analytic tool?

Given my interest in how language interacts with perception, I enjoyed reading an overview, in Status Update (2013), of the history of neoliberalism. Boas and Gans-Morse (2009) In her discussion of neoliberalism in Status Update (2013), Alice E. Marwick cites a 2009 journal article by Taylor C. Boas and Jordan Gans-Morse entitled Neo liberalism: From New Liberal Philosophy to Anti-Liberal Slogan. The source is: […]