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The Housing Bomb (2013)

When I first came across The Housing Bomb: Why Our Addiction to Houses Is Destroying the Environment and Threatening Our Society (2013), I thought the title may be a marketing ploy to attract readers. My assumption was not valid, as I learned when I began to read the book. The concept of the housing bomb […]


Steve Nazar, who moved from Alderwood (Toronto) to Duncan, British Columbia, comments on what drives people out of Toronto

In previous posts, I’ve shared views about the destruction of the neighbourhood character of Long Branch (Toronto not New Jersey). Among the posts are the following recent ones: Comment from Susan Virtue: May 4, 2015 “Character of Long Branch” meeting at The Assembly Hall Comment from Susan Albert: May 4, 2015 “Character of Long Branch” […]


Driven from New Orleans (2012), Drug Wars (2013), On the Run (2014)

A previous post refers to Driven from New Orleans: How Nonprofits Betray Public Housing and Promote Privatization (2012). A passage (p. 98) from the latter study brings to mind the following additional previous posts: The Drug Wars in America, 1940-1973 (Kathleen J. Frydl, 2013) Framing Regent Park: The National Film Board and the construction of […]


Reinventing urban democracy in Barcelona – March 25, 2015 article

1) Reinventing urban democracy A March 25, 2015 article is entitled: “Reinventing urban democracy in Barcelona.” The opening paragraphs read: “We’re losing Barcelona and we want to win it back.” These are the opening words of the manifesto of the new electoral alliance Barcelona en Comú (which can be translated as “Barcelona for all”). […]


Robert Frank inspired a new way of looking

In a previous post I mentioned The Americans (1958 in France; 1959 in U.S.; 2008) by Robert Frank. A Google search for Robert Frank will tell you more about his career as a photographer. The Americans is the topic of Chapter 20 (in the form of an essay) in 1959: The Year that Changed Everything (2009) […]


The nation-state circa 1950 is described as unencumbered by international obligations, co-operation, and constraint

The quotation is: ” Its focus is the nation-state circa 1950, romantically unencumbered by international obligations, co-operation and constraint.” That’s one way to characterize the 1950s. The source is a Dec. 3, 2014 article at entitled: “UKIP is the formation of a new political elite – nothing more.” Conceptualizations of the 1950s My purpose in […]


With recent German heritage films, according to Anne Fuchs (2008), bad history emerges as a good story. I have added updates to this Dec. 18, 2011 post.

Phantoms of War in Contemporary German Literature, Films and Discourse (2008) is part of a publishing series at the University of Birmingham entitled New Perspectives in German Studies. The paragraph I have chosen to focus upon is on p. 143 of Chapter 5, which is entitled: “Narrating Resistance to the Third Reich: Museum Discourse, Autobiography, […]