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How can we ensure that Mimico residents have the opportunity to offer meaningful input regarding Mimico 20/20?

How can we ensure the local community has the opportunity to offer meaningful input during the Mimico 20/20 planning process? This was a key question that emerged at a December 7, 2011 public meeting related to Mimico 20/20. A recent public meeting involving two presentations, seven workshops, and a plenary session on Saturday, February 11, 2012 […]


Colonial powers stripped those cultures they intended to exploit of heritage, pride, and self-identity

I came across Europe and the people without history by reading a citation about it in Karolyn Smardz Frost (2007). The citation notes that Eric Wolf (1982) “demonstrated how colonial powers stripped those cultures they intended to exploit of heritage, pride, and self-identity” (Frost 2007, p. 355). That’s an apt description. Wolf describes specified political and […]


Barbara J. Little (2007) relates the story of a runaway people

Recently I’ve been reading Historical Archaeology: Why the Past Matters (2007) by Barbara J. Little. I began by reading the second paragraph on p. 111 which notes that Charles Orser and Pedro Funari have identified and investigated several historical sites where fugitive communities used to live in the capital of Macaco, also known as Serra da Barriga (Potbelly […]


A good presentation entertains, informs, and connects

The Fall/Winter 2011 newsletter of the Canadian Stuttering Association features an article by Jaan Pill in which he describes what he’s learned about connecting with the audience: A good presentation connects with an audience During the past twenty years of volunteer work, I have served as one of the co-founders Canadian Stuttering Association (1991), the Estonian Stuttering Association […]