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Some projects are too big for one or two people to do on their own

I’ve been involved in volunteer work, with a focus on community organizing, for twenty-five years. After fifteen years as a volunteer active at the local, national, and international levels, I spent several years making keynote presentations at conferences, sharing what I had learned. Usually I would talk about seven key principles. 1. Some projects are too […]


I’m pleased I’ve been getting good feedback on the draft of my 3-minute talk

Here’s the most recent version of the 3-minute talk that I’ll be presenting in Edmonton early in March 2012. I really enjoy the process of rehearsing and developing such a talk. I’ll be using a stopwatch to ensure I’m exactly on target in terms of the length. __________________________________________________________________________   Good evening. I began to stutter at […]


ISTAR is celebrating its 25th anniversary in March 2012

ISTAR is the Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research. Einer Boberg and Deborah Kully are the founders of ISTAR, which is located in Edmonton. My visit to ISTAR 25 years ago changed the direction of my life. So many unexpected and positive things have happened in my life in the years that followed. I’m really […]


I will bear witness: A diary of the Nazi years (Victor Klemperer 1998)

In the prologue to I will bear witness: A diary of the Nazi years (1998), Malcolm Chalmers notes that for readers in Germany, Victor Klemperer’s wartime diary “has become one of the key works through which the Third Reich and the murder of the Jews is understood.” A unique feature of the diaries, Chalmers adds, is […]