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When you are selling your house in Long Branch, first do your homework

In the course of research related to house-selling in Long Branch, a topic in which we have a strong personal interest, we’ve come across a situation where a developer offered a little over $1-million for a house in Long Branch, with the intention of severing the lot.

The house-seller in question, however, had a great real-estate company to work with. A person┬ácan determine which real estate outfits are in this category, by asking around – that is, by doing one’s homework.

Anyway, the house in question went for $1.5-million, to a family who will live in the delightful residence – that is, to a buyer who is not about to sever the lot.

I mention this, because the story underlines that it pays to do your homework. On all matters related to buying and selling, due diligence is strongly advised.


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