It’s great to read week by week of events that happened in 1812, two-hundred years ago.

I’m impressed with this blog, which I learned of through Twitter via @ArchaeologyTO. “This blog,” as the blog explains, “tries to provide further information about events as they happen in 1812. It is meant to provide some context and the sources for the tweets found in @1812now.” This blog offers a great way for a […]

If you seek a heritage conservation district designation, get a buy-in from the start

You may have heard of communities that have tried to set up a heritage conservation district but that have not achieved success in completion of such a project. From what I’ve learned in my recent research, and twenty-five years of volunteer work as a community organizer, the process of getting a heritage conservation district designated, or any […]

A 1981 report describes a previous initiative seeking a heritage conservation district for Long Branch

As we begin work on planning for a Heritage Conservation District designation for Long Branch, it’s useful to consider prior designation projects. Some such attempts in Toronto have achieved success. Some have not. I’m looking forward to reading a report that was written in 1981, on the occasion of a previous attempt to set up […]