Archaeological artifacts are identified by their placement, relative to other artifacts, on a grid

Archaeology is a field of study. It also serves as a metaphor. By metaphor I’m thinking of the fact that an archaeological survey involves the application of a grid across a plot of land. Each artfifact that is is dug up in such a survey is identified in relation to where it’s located on the […]

Zita Cobb made a fortune in business and moved back to Fogo Island, Newfoundland

Updates A CBC profile describes Fogo Island. A July 20, 2013 Globe and Mail article updates the story. An Oct. 4, 2013 Globe and Mail article is entitled: “Canada’s new architecture school: Inspired by nature to fuel a northern spirit.” [End of updates]   Jeff Hollett of Yellowknife, who is originally from Newfoundland, has shared […]

Enjoyed my discussion this morning with a Grade 4/5 class at Sir Adam Beck Junior School

This morning I visited Mme. Warburton’s Grade 4/5 class at Sir Adam Beck Junior School in Alderwood. I spoke about my experiences as a person who stutters. I explained how I had moderately to severely stuttered from the age of 6 until I was 41, at which time I attended a treatment clinic in Edmonton. […]

Wonderful to know of recent career award for Ken St. Louis of West Virginia University

It was Ken St. Louis who remarked to us years ago that some projects are too big for one or two people to do on their own. I am very pleased to know that Ken St. Louis has received a significant career award. Ken St. Louis has worked with colleagues around the world to develop […]

Update from the office of Councillor Grimes regarding the emerald ash borer

As a follow-up to an earlier post, are pleased to share with you the following information update from the office of Ward 6, Etobicoke-Lakeshore Councillor Mark Grimes: * An updated report went through the City of Toronto Council last week: EAB Update The cost to the city by 2018 will be 860,000 trees and 5.2 million […]

We become what we think; we become the stories we tell ourselves

If you wear a white coat you believe blongs to a doctor, your ability to pay attention increases significantly, according to a study reported in The New York Times. If you wear the same coat believing it belongs to a painter, your ability to pay attention does not improve. The New York Times article that […]

Homeowners wishing to use a TreeAzin injection to protect their ash trees from ash borer are advised to contact

Clock here for other posts about emerald ash borer >   We are pleased to share with you the following information from the office of Ward 6, Etobicoke-Lakeshore Councillor Mark Grimes:  * Thank you for your questions about the Emerald Ash Borer in Ward 6 and Long Branch in particular. The following Emerald Ash Borer […]

Afterwards: Contemporary photography confronting the past (2011)

Afterwards is edited by Nathalie Herschdorfer, a photography historian and curator. In pictures and texts, this book explores the evolving conventions of documentary photography. Research suggests that our brains are not wired for comprehension of events involving thousands or millions of people. Our brains are better wired to comprehend events through our aquaintance with the experiences […]

We look forward to the May 16, 2012 “Etobicoke and 1812” lecture by Denise Harris

The Long Branch Historical Society looks forward to participating in the May 16, 2012 Etobicoke and 1812 lecture by Denise Harris, president of the Etobicoke Historical Society. The event, in commemoration of the War of 1812, will take place at the Mimico Centennial Library. We are pleased to promote the lecture to our members and […]

Mimico residents seek a solution for Wesley Mimico United Church that will benefit all stakeholders

The following item by Mary Bella, speaking on behalf of a group of Mimico residents, appeared in Issue No. 196, April 15, 2012, of Built Heritage News published by Catherine Nasmith, Architect. How can we help? A group of Mimico residents is working towards preserving Wesley Mimico United Church, at Station Road and Mimico Avenue. […]