Etobicoke Creek Trail extension and Class EA study for improvements to QEW between Evans Ave. and Cawthra Road are independent of each other

In this blog post I seek to share background information regarding the Etobicoke Valley Trail, a topic that has been discussed in a recent blog post.

If you have additional information, please let me know.

David Switzer (see below in this blog post) has shared background information, as has CCFEW, as well as Dawn McKinnon, Environmental Planner, writing on behalf of the QEW Dixie EA project team.

(1) Etobicoke Creek Trail extension and (2) Class EA study for improvements to the QEW between Evans Avenue and Cawthra Road are independent of each other

Dawn McKinnon notes that the Etobicoke Creek Trail extension and the Class EA study for improvements to the QEW between Evans Avenue and Cawthra Road are, in fact, independent of each other.

Background regarding the multi-use trail along Etobicoke Creek

I’ve received a comment from David Switzer of Long Branch about the upcoming MTO meeting, outlined above. The gist of the comment, about a topic that I’m not familiar with, is as follows:

David Switzer remarks that “the meeting will not be about the Etobicoke Creek Trail extension and will be focused on the main purpose of the project which is bridge maintenance and traffic flow. The cycle trail is only indicated as a “proposed off-road route” on a PIC exhibit titled “Existing Conditions – Social and Cultural”.

“The cycling path extension has many similarities to the project of naturalization of the mouth of the Etobicoke Creek. The cancelation of the TRCA plan to naturalize the mouth of the Etobicoke Creek happened without community consultation after more than a decade  of community involvement and a million dollars given to TRCA for the project. The Cycle Path Extension also came about with funding…this time from the developer of the condo high rises in Sherway Gardens in the form of a Section 37 deal. Just as the naturalization project may have been held up by an infrastructure project, Mississauga’s water pipe… In the case of the cycle path by MTO.”

[Conclusion of comments from David Switzer]

I’ve asked a number of people if the history that David Switzer describes is accurate, in terms of their understanding of the story. David David would like to ensure that he has the correct understanding of the history.

Background information from Citizens Concerned About the Future of the Etobicoke Waterfront (CCFEW)

As I understand, Citizens Concerned About the Future of the Etobicoke Waterfront (CCFEW) have/has been following the Etobicoke Valley Trail’s lack of progress for some time.

As I understand, the money to build it came from the Sherway condos – plans were well under way when MTC said that because of planned reconstruction of the QEW bridge they would not approve the trail.

CCFEW has, as I understood, responded that improvements to the trail should proceed as it would be years before the bridge was completed. That is: They had the money, do it now and it would be cheaper to repair it if necessary than to wait and construct it five years from now. It may be the case, as I understand, that Councillor Milczyn has been helping — it is in his ward.

Background information from Dawn McKinnon, Environmental Planner, on behalf of the QEW Dixie EA project team

The second response that I’ve received reads as follows. I have received permission from Dawn McKinnon to post it:

Nov. 29, 2012

Hello Mr. Pill,

Thank you for your interest in the Preliminary Design and Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study for improvements to the QEW from Evans Avenue to Cawthra Road.

Please note that as part of this study, rehabilitation, safety and operational needs are being identified, alternatives are being developed, and transportation improvements within the study limits will ultimately be recommended. As such, improvements to the Dixie Road interchange are being considered, as are bridge rehabilitation and/or replacement opportunities.

The purpose of Community Workshop #1 will be to obtain input on community issues, the opportunities within the study area related to the bridges and highway, and the alternatives that were shown at Public Information Centre (PIC) #1, which was held on October 11, 2012. Mr. Switzer is correct in his understanding that the workshop will not focus on the Etobicoke Creek Trail extension, as the TRCA trail is independent of this Class EA Study. TRCA is included as a stakeholder as part of this study, although the history related to previous and proposed undertakings by TRCA is best confirmed directly with TRCA.

Over the next few months, the project team will review the comments received from the community, agencies and other stakeholders at PIC #1 and Community Workshop #1, refine the alternatives, and commence the evaluation of alternatives. The alternatives evaluation process and the recommended alternative will be presented for review and comment at the second PIC, currently planned for the Summer of 2013. The recommended alternative will then be further refined and the preferred alternative will be presented at the third and final PIC, toward the end of the study.

Kind regards,

Dawn McKinnon Environmental Planner
On behalf of the QEW Dixie EA project team

Ecoplans | A member of MMM Group
2655 North Sheridan Way, Suite 280
Mississauga, ON L5K 2P8


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