Question from Peter Riedel regarding fate of remaining trees between Park Lawn Rd/Marine Parade Dr and Bookers Lane

Hello Councillor Grimes,

I am inquiring if all remaining trees standing today between Park Lawn Rd/MarineParade Dr and Bookers Lane on the south side of Lake Shore Blvd will be cut down!

Have any provisions or steps been taken to save any of these older growth trees or are they to be replaced by 6 foot high stick saplings?

Many of these trees are higher and older than those found on Humber Bay Park East.

These trees have been part of the migratory root of birds after having crossed over the Lake. There are very few clusters of these trees along the shoreline left for some kilometres in either direction that stand this close to the shoreline.

As you well know, one of the biggest enemies of migratory birds are the highly reflective glass towers and birds smashing into them and now this stretch of Humber Bay Shores has become nothing but a dense glass walled gauntlet of condos for them to fly into.

I do not think removing all trees 50 and 60 years plus and replacing them with glass towers is very ‘balanced’.

Also, what is the height restriction on these condos going up right over the shoreline?

Thank you,

Peter Riedel

Below is a selection of photos from Peter Riedel:

Peter Riedel photo

Peter Riedel photo

Peter Riedel photo

Peter Riedel photo

Peter Riedel photo

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