Click on these live links to access the PDF files of the Mimico 20/20 Secondary Plan staff report

This blog post is concerned with the following document:

The file in question comprises the proposed Mimico 20/20 Draft Secondary Plan and corresponding documentation on the 20/20 website.

The following item is an excerpt from it:


The City Planning Division recommends that City Council:

1. Amend the Official Plan substantially in accordance with the proposed Official Plan Amendment attached as Attachment 3 to this report.

2. Authorize the City Solicitor to make such stylistic and technical changes to the draft Official Plan Amendment as may be required.

3. Adopt the Mimico 20/20 Urban Design Guidelines as provided under separate cover and available at the following links:

[The links in the document are not live links. You need to cut and paste the addresses into your browser in order to access the links. For your convenience, the live versions of the links are listed below. These are large files and will take some time to download.]


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