Teacher hiring rules will cause havoc, Ontario school boards say – Toronto Star, May 21, 2013

The subhead for a May 21, 2013 Toronto Star article about teacher hiring practices article reads:

“Ontario school boards say they’re being forced to interview all qualified applicants for long-term supply jobs, not just the ones they want to.”

As a retired teacher, I find the story of interest. I’ve discussed an earlier version of the narrative in a blog post in October 2012.

I’m aware from Google Analytics that the above-noted blog post [see link in previous sentence] has prompted quite a few visits – more than I had anticipated, in this case – to the Preserved Stories website.

From what I can gather, the back story concerns fairness – with varied stakeholders addressing the issue of fairness according to their own particular interests.

A good criterion to keep in mind is: What is in the best interests of the child in the classroom? What is in the best interests of the school system as a whole?

And: How are such issues addressed in Finland, which is seen to have one of the best educational systems in the world?

A given newspaper article provides a hint of the underlying narratives.


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