Jennifer Keesmaat speaks at Wed., May 29, 2013 Toronto Heritage Board meeting: How Heritage fits with the vision for planning and development

Message from David Juliusson

I’m pleased to share with you the following message from David Juliusson about an upcoming presentation (Committee Room 1, City Hall) by Jennifer Keesmaat related to heritage preservation:

Hi Jaan

I thought you might find Item 1 interesting. It is a presentation by Jennifer Keesmaat the new Chief Planner and Exec Director City Planning. Her views could be interesting.

The following agenda is available online.

Toronto Preservation Board

Meeting 23
Wednesday, May 29, 2013 2:00 PM
Committee Room 1, City Hall


PB23.1 – How Heritage Fits With the Vision for Planning and Development for the City of Toronto [This is the topic of the presentation by Chief Planner and Exec Director City Planning]

PB23.2 – Demolition of a Designated Heritage Property – 3 Chedington Place (Ward 25)

PB23.3 – Demolition of a Designated Heritage Property in the North Rosedale Heritage Conservation District and Construction of a Replacement Structure – 127 Glen Road (Ward 27)

PB23.4 – Inclusion on the City of Toronto Inventory of Heritage Properties – 923-925 Queen Street East (Ward 30)

PB23.5 – Intention to Designate under Part IV, Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act – 150 Symes Road (Ward 11)

PB23.6 – Alterations to a Designated Heritage Property – 378 Yonge Street (Ward 27)

PB23.7 – Approval of 2013 Toronto Heritage Grant Awards (Ward All)

PB23.8 – Permanent Short Term Delegation of Authority for Applications under Parts IV and V of the Ontario Heritage Act (Ward All)

PB23.9 – Toronto Heritage Property Tax Rebate Program Review (Ward All)



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