Films about Small Arms Ltd.

Colleen O’Marra writes:

Not sure if you have viewed a documentary film called A TRIP THROUGH
SMALL ARMS. It’s in seven parts on YOUTUBE, a rather shaky old reel
but a fascinating local piece filmed by one of the employees. Fun to
see American actor, Ralph Bellamy, giving a short talk to the Small
Arms staff,complimenting the Canadian effort to beat Hitler and his
henchmen.( C. O’Marra)

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I’ve seen part of the YouTube Small Arms film but not all of it. When I have time I’d like to see what’s available. Possibly there is National Film Board material available also.

I’ve posted some links to Small Arms Instructional Films in a blog post based on a conversation with Mississauga Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey:

August 11, 2013 interview with Jim Tovey, Ward 1 Councillor in Mississauga, regarding Lakeview Waterfront Connection Project

I found those links – they’re at the very end of the post – of interest. They helped me to understand the mechanical operation and use of the small arms produced at the Small Arms Ltd. plant – of which the one small arms testing building fortunately remains, thanks to the efforts of Jim Tovey, Bob and Ken Cutmore, and others – in Mississauga and at the John Inglis plant in what is now Liberty Village in Toronto.

I’d like to look at more footage related to Small Arms in the future. The message from Colleen O’Marra is a helpful reminder of what’s available.

Click here to access Heritage Mississauga overview of Small Arms Ltd. story >


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