Our Lost Cat Whiskers (Message from Villa Road & Fortieth in Long Branch)

The following message is from Roxanne at Villa Road & Fortieth:

This is a picture of Whiskers. I will try to find some others, but this is the most recent. She is a long haired black, spayed, 2.5 year old female. She has a white patch on her chest and a white back paw. Whiskers is an indoor cat and is timid. She escaped from her harness today, Monday October 14 at about 9:30 am and we have not seen her since. If anyone has seen her or taken her inside their home, please email roxannebot@gmail.com

Hopefully she will come home safely – we are all broken hearted.


If you live close to Fortieth St. and Villa Road, please keep an eye out for Whiskers! We want to see her home safely.


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