Many dry cleaners in Toronto use an old school toxic substance called ‘perc’ to remove stains (Toronto Environmental Alliance)

The following text is from a recent Council Watch newsletter of the Toronto Environmental Alliance. You can access the complete text of the newsletter here. Excerpt from Council Watch newsletter published by Toronto Environmental Alliance: The truth about dirty laundry Ever wonder what chemicals are used to get the grit out of ‘dry clean only’ […]

Metrolinx October active school travel Infographic

I learned of the following information from the Lakeshore Planning Council. You can access the Metrolinx Infographic here: See also @SmartCommute on Twitter and on Facebook at  

What can we learn about evidence-based practice when we read about Tecumseh?

The October 2013 issue of Fife & Drum, the the newsletter of The Friends of Fort York and Garrison Common, can be accessed here: fife-and-drum-oct-2013 When I first encountered the newsletter, I printed it out and found that the font – which appears to be 10-point Adobe Caslon Pro – was too small for me […]

Message from Wesley Mimico Place – the renewal of Wesley Mimico United Church

Following message is from Wesley Mimico Place – The Renewal of Wesley Mimico United Church LIVING with Heritage & Hope Welcome to the first Wesley Mimico Place Bulletin, sent by the FAITH & HOPE renewal team of Wesley Mimico United Church. We will be writing about key steps in the project, and linking you to […]

Intention to Designation under the Ontario Heritage Act – Wesley Mimico United Church

Following message is from Michael Harrison: Good Morning: At its meeting of October 3, 2013 the Toronto Preservation Board adopted an amended recommendation (to delete the interior space from the list of historical attributes) from planning staff on the intent to designate the Wesley Mimico United Church under the Ontario Heritage Act. The adopted report […]

LAMP News and Views – Message from Russ Ford

A recent message from Russ Ford of LAMP: Good day everyone, I hope you are having a good weekend. The weather was not great but Thanksgiving will soon be upon us and with that guaranteed good weather. A couple of points of interest this week.On Thursday night Lakeshore Collegiate will be holding its commencement. Congratulations […]

October 2013 Fife & Drum – Fort York newsletter: 200th anniversary of Tecumseh’s death

The October 2013 Fife & Drum newsletter can be accessed here: fife-and-drum-oct-2013 The newsletter begins with an interesting overview of how Tecumseh has been treated by politicians in the United States and Canada over the past two hundred years. Oct. 5, 2013 was the 200th anniversary of Tecumseh’s death An Oct. 7, 2013 Globe and […]

Blackberry didn’t stop listening to customers; it just figured it knew better

I have no means to ascertain whether the fall of Blackberry, as described in a Sept. 27, 2013 Globe and Mail article, accords with what actually happened at Blackberry. What interests me is the story as it’s told in the article. According to the Globe report, the fall of Blackberry entails choices made years ago regarding […]

Eric Walters has published several Second World War novels for young readers

With regard to the Small Arms Doors Open, I was delighted to learn recently that Eric Walters has written several books for young readers dealing with Canada’s role in the Second World War. I’ve known of Eric Walters for some time. He made one or more presentations at Munden Park Public School in Mississauga during […]

New superjail unveiled: Public tours of Toronto South Detention Centre

An Oct. 4, 2013 Globe and Mail article is entitled (in its print version): “New jail designed with an eye on mental health.” The online version is entitled: “New Toronto jail, with state of the art, eco-friendly features, set to open.” Some time back, The Globe and Mail published an extensive series of articles regarding […]