Comment regarding Wesley Mimico redevelopment project (EYCC meeting, Oct. 17, 2013)

By way of offering comment regarding the Wesley Mimico redevelopment project at 2 Station Road, in connection with the Oct. 17, 2013 Etobicoke York Community Council meeting, I’ve sent the following email (see below) to the following councillors: Comment regarding 2 Station Road I support efforts to […]

Recent newsletter from The New Quarterly: Canadian Writers and Writing

You can access the newsletter here. The New Quarterly a great publication, a wonderful resource. I recommend it highly.  

Resources related to lost rivers and streams in Toronto

I’ve recently been in touch with a walker from the ROM who’s keen to expand the walkers’ knowledge about the lost rivers and streams of Toronto. Where can a person or group find information about resources in this area? A contact at the Etobicoke Historical Society has noted that good resources include Lost Rivers and Toronto Field […]

Along with landline telephones, fax machines were the social media of their time

As a volunteer, I’ve been involved with community organizing since before the days of fax machines. Fax machines were a form of social media. When they involved long-distance phone charges, they were also an expensive form of communication. In time, email distribution lists took the place of faxes to a large extent. Email lists are still around […]

Lost Cat Whiskers is back at home

“I was just making a poster to take around this afternoon,” Roxanne, at Fortieth and Villa Road, reported. “When Mike called to tell me that Rebecca found Whiskers hiding in the bushes in her backyard!” Rebecca lives across the street on Villa Road. “So we have a happy ending to the drama,” Roxanne added. “I just […]

1905 survey map shows buildings at Colonel Samuel Smith homestead site

I recently spoke with two former Long Branch residents, Jim Bray and his daughter Sandy Bray, who have filled me in on details, that I was not aware of, related to the barns at the Colonel Samuel Smith homestead site. Jim Bray has also shared some comments at a couple of recent blog posts related […]

Our Lost Cat Whiskers (Message from Villa Road & Fortieth in Long Branch)

The following message is from Roxanne at Villa Road & Fortieth: This is a picture of Whiskers. I will try to find some others, but this is the most recent. She is a long haired black, spayed, 2.5 year old female. She has a white patch on her chest and a white back paw. Whiskers […]

Tecumseh: A Life (John Sugden 1997)

As a follow-up to a recent post about Tecumseh, I’ve borrowed Tecumseh: A Life (1997) from the Toronto Public Library. Given that it came out in 1997, it’s understandable that John Sugden’s book is dated in one aspect of terminology. He uses the term Indians as contrasted to terms, such as First Nations, that are […]

The Technique of Film Editing (1968) is a classic text for film students

The following text is based upon a previous post entitled Drug Wars (2013) updates. It focuses and enlarges upon themes related to editing, contextualization, and management of attention and emotional response in accordance with principles of instrumental reason in a machine in the garden era. Film history We are dealing with history, and its conceptualization. Heritage […]

Alice Munro (1982): “How I write short stories”

[Updates: Alice Munro’s article (see below) is also referenced in an Oct. 11, 2013 Brain Pickings post. In a dec. 25, 2013 CBC article, Alice Munro is quoted as saying: “A good short story should say everything it has to say before the final paragraph.” End of updates]   I was delighted to learn this […]