Text of letter regarding 48 – Thirty Fifth Street Street Severance. Committee of Adjustment meeting is on Jan. 23, 2014

Please write your own letter before Jan. 23, in the event this topic is of concern to you

I’ve written a letter to the Committee of Adjustment regarding 48 Thirty Fifth Street and urge you to do the same. You can simply cut and past the following text, which is based on the template in a previous post (see link above), and add your own name and contact details. I’ve made minor modifications to suit my own tastes in the writing of such letters.

I’ve sent the letter by email c/o Susanne Pringle Springle@toronto.ca with a copy to Ward 6 Councillor Mark Grimes councillor_grimes@toronto.ca. I’ve included name and email addresses in the letter (see below).

I send such letters by email. I haven’t sent such a letter by Canada Post for some years. However, every resident communicates in whatever way they are comfortable with.

My name: _______
My address: ______


January __, 2014

Committee of Adjustment
Etobicoke York Panel
2 Civic Centre Court
Toronto ON
M9C 5A3

c/o Susanne Pringle Springle@toronto.ca
With a copy to Ward 6 Councillor Mark Grimes councillor_grimes@toronto.ca

Re: File numbers: B65/13EYK, A475/13EYK, A476/13EYK
48 Thirty- Fifth Street, aka PLAN M9 BLK Q LOT 4 PT LOT 5

To the Committee of Adjustment

I am writing with regard to the current proposal. The proposed severance of the property into two residential lots and the requested development of two detached dwellings will have detrimental consequences for the surrounding community. It neither respects or reinforces the physical characteristics of the neighbourhood as stated in “Neighbourhoods” Policy 4.1.5 of the Official Plan.

This proposal will detrimentally affect the aesthetic views of Thirty-Fifth Street. The proposed massing, scale, front yard setback and dwelling type do not fit with nearby or any other properties on the street. It will reduce the front yard and backyard views and green space in all directions surrounding the lot. Street parking which is already heavily used in front of this property will be impacted. This severance will potentially also lead to further lot severances in the area, thus increasing density.

We are opposed to the severance and construction proposed in the Consent Application #B65/13EYK and requested Minor Zoning Variance applications #A475/13EYK & #A476/13EYK.

We request that these applications be denied. We also wish to be notified of the Committee’s decision on these files.




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