Monday, Feb. 10, 2014 Community Forum will provide an update regarding the Wesley Mimico redevelopment project

A Community Forum will take place on Monday, Feb, 10, 2014 to provide an update on design and planning for the Wesley Mimico redevelopment project.

The meeting, which will take place from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, will be at the church, which is located at 2 Station Road in Mimico.

I’ve been following with interest, since February 2012, the story arc – there are many such story arcs in North America and elsewhere – as it relates to redevelopment of the Wesley Mimico United Church.

The City of Toronto heritage staff have established the heritage attributes of the church property.

In a post dated July 8, 2013, I’ve outlined my understanding of how the story is likely to unfold.

In earlier posts I’ve also outlined academic research related to church redevelopment projects in Toronto.

A recent newsletter offers the following overview from the Faith & Hope Team:

  • A brief note about our conversations with City staff: Getting the building design finalized is not easy with heritage, urban design, and planning staff all trying to ensure different agendas are met. But at the Jan. 10th meeting with City staff, we agreed that our architect would work directly with the Urban Design staffer – rather than try to coordinate the date books of 9 people. So the Faith & Hope Team is hopeful that progress in resolving issues will be quicker. The financial viability of the project means that we will never be able to meet all the heritage staff’s desires, but all involved are keen to work towards a building that is economically viable, respectful of the architectural heritage, and a blessing to both congregation and community.

[End of excerpt]


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