Mississauga’s Lakeview Waterfront Connection now has a draft proposal plan ready for viewing by the public

The following information is from a recent newsletter from Councillor Mark Grimes’ Office:

Mississauga Lakeview Waterfront Connection

Mississauga’s Lakeview Waterfront Connection now has a draft proposal plan ready for viewing by the public. A Mississauga staff report is also attached and can be viewed online, along with the plan, at:


[End of text from the councillor’s office]

May 3, 2014 Jane’s Walk highlights Lakeview redevelopment

For background about the project, please refer to the Mississauga category at the Preserved Stories website. As well, the Lakeview redevelopment will be the topic of a local Jane’s Walk on May 3, 2014 starting at 10:30 am at the East Parking Lot at Marie Curtis Park in Long Branch (Toronto not New Jersey).

Related documents of interest, and well worth reading, regarding development of the community-driven Inspiration Lakeview Master Plan can be accessed here.

Summary of community input regarding Inspiration Lakeview Master Plan

An online document, entitled Community Workshop Summary and Notes, provides an informative overview of a recent community meeting in Mississauga at which local residents provided input and feedback as an integral part of the ongoing Lakeview planning process.

What impresses me about this document is that care has been taken to ensure that the feedback from the community has been highlighted by being published in a well written and easy to read document. I like the document’s use of circle graphs to represent responses.

I much enjoy good communications, wherever I encounter it. I’m aware of the thought and energy, as well as coordination and teamwork, that is required to develop and implement effective communications strategies for projects involving large numbers of people and long spans of time. The projects that I’ve been following, coming out of Mississauga in recent years, are characterized by exemplary communications. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been following these projects with much interest, as they have been evolving.

Auditor General report regarding Ontario Power Generation

I would add that, in my role as a blogger, I like to ensure that I acquire reliable and verifiable information from a wide range of sources. In that context, occasionally some of the information, that I’m pleased to report because it helps us to ensure a balanced overview of large-scale projects, in Mississauga and elsewhere, comes from the Ontario Auditor General. The Auditor’s General’s 2013 report regarding OLG, discussed at the link in the previous sentence, can be accessed here. Such documents, in my experience, tend to be well researched and well written. They also serve as exemplars of effective communications.


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