The Marie Curtis Bike Park Concept Plan will be presented at a public meeting on Monday May 12 at 7 pm

We are pleased to share the following message from Janette Harvey:

Good afternoon,

The Marie Curtis Bike Park Concept Plan is finally ready, and will be presented at a public meeting on Monday May 12 at 7pm. The meeting notice will be circulated shortly.

Location: Assembly Hall, East Room
1 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Dr.

At this meeting we will present the concept plan, proposed implementation phasing, and next steps. For those who are not able to attend, the concept plan will be posted on the project website following the meeting.

Have a great weekend,

Janette Harvey
Natural Environment Specialist
City of Toronto – Parks, Forestry & Recreation
Natural Environment & Community Programs
Office: (416) 392-1339
Fax: (416) 338-1069

Mailing Address:
550 Bayview Ave, Bldg 12, Suite 406
Toronto ON
M4W 3X8

[Additional details can be found in a recent newsletter from Councillor Grimes’ office.]


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  1. Mike Hession
    Mike Hession says:

    The bike park looks awesome , there is something for every level of rider, Daniel Scott did a great job with the design. Maybe we can get some kids ( childern ) to put the video game controler down and come out side again, I heard in a recent study that Canadian childern were ranked 12th out of 15 country’s for being active physically . This is a great oppertunity for unstructured play for our childern . Way to go City of Toronto !

  2. tom
    tom says:

    This is great!!! I wish we had these when I was a young teenager (approx. 30 years ago). This definitely gives kids, teens, some adults a place to go, be safe and have fun.
    I’m in Oakville but way to go Toronto!! (and Mississauga).


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